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10 Tips to perfectly style your home

Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that having your home styled can make a huge difference in the price that can be achieved when the home is sold.    Styling isn't an all or nothing endeavor, and you can have your home fully or partially styled depending on your budget and the items you already own.

Here are 10 tips on styling your home to ready it for market:

  • Declutter your rooms and closets
  • Make the palette of the home neutral
  • Rent a storage unit for excess belongings
  • Make minor repairs such as leaky faucets and changing lightbulbs
  • Check the curb appeal - mow the lawn and trim shrubbery
  • Clean! Clean! Clean!
  • Take down family pictures and heirlooms
  • Remove any important items
  • Do you best to let go of any attachments to the home
  • Hire a real estate agent that is experienced in staging homes!

We have helped many homeowners achieve far more than they were expecting when selling their house.  One of the ways we do this is by working with some of the top stylists in Woden and Weston Creek.

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