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Should you buy a “fixer-upper”?

With a fair proportion of Australians currently glued to "The Block" and home prices soaring, we're finding that many buyers are attracted to the thought of buying a run down home that they can fix up.   Taking on a fixer-upper can seem like an intimidating project at first, but it can also be a super rewarding one! Here’s a few things to consider if choosing a fixer-upper is the right choice for you:

✅ When you do the maths, is the return on investment worth your time and effort?

✅ Are you willing to put in the work to DIY most of the project? If you’re not, are you willing to put in the time to guide and supervise contractors?  Are you willing to wait for work to be done as non-essential residential projects may be put on hold due to lockdowns?

✅ Do you have the time and resources for unexpected repairs?

✅ Fixing up a home usually lasts at least a few months. Does your lifestyle and/or work schedule allow for this timeline?

If the answer is "yes" then a fixer-upper might be right for you!

We occasionally take homes that are in need of renovation to the market, and even sell them off-market (so you won't see them on allhomes.com.au.

If you would like to know when homes are listed, you can join our VIP buyers list here. 

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