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The sitting room where a new FUTURE began…

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this article cont the name of someone who has since passed away.

It is not often that we are able to own a piece of Australian history, let alone of one so prominent and recent. Located in the suburb of Torrens, named after a former South Australian politician, it is fitting that a former Australian Prime Minister created history in this 1960s residence.

Unassumingly sitting on the corner of Wyatt and Kavel Street in the leafy suburb of Torrens, number 11 is much more than just a home. It rightfully happened to play an important role in housing the preparations for a pivotal moment in Australia’s history. It is clear to see why this spacious home helped inspire and provide the context for making amends, healing and moving towards a greater unified future.

It was in February 2008 when former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd entered number 11 to prepare for his address to the Australian public. It was then only 15 minutes away at Parliament House where this address was delivered on the Wednesday 13th, which would forever be known as National Sorry Day. On stepping into this piece of modern Australian history, it is easy to feel the warmth and grace of the events leading up to the Apology; the speech where Kevin Rudd gave the first official acknowledgment and redemption for Australia’s Stolen Generations. The foundations for the recognition of a dark past, and the optimism for a brighter future were laid in the walls of humble

number 11.

It would not be easy feat for Prime Minister Rudd to create his famous speech. Jenny Macklin, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs at the time, introduced Kevin Rudd to her friend Christine Fejo-King’s mother. Lorna "Nanna Nungala" Fejo met with Kevin at Christine’s home – 11 Wyatt Street, Torrens. Lorna was a victim of the Stolen Generation and shared her past with Kevin in the sitting room over a couple of hours. With Lorna’s permission, Prime Minister Kevin got some materials from her story for his speech and found his true understanding and inspiration from hi

s time at number 11 with Lorna and her family. At the time, the house was adorned with beautiful Aboriginal artwork, and encapsulated Lorna’s identity as an Aboriginal Australian.

Lorna attended Parliament House on the day of the Apology. Shortly after his speech, Prime Minister Kevin sought Lorna for her thoughts. With her approval, Prime Minister Kevin expressed his gratitude to her for welcoming him into her home and sharing her painful past. It is incredible to believe that this house, so before this great speech.

all the logistics coordinate from this home. they invite indigenous spectators for apology from Arnhem lands NT, very same dining room in this house. where two acquaintances changed the course of Australia’s future, is up for sale. After Lorna met with Prime Minister Kevin, she had the opportunity to travel back to 

her home in the Northern Territory and continue her journey of healing from decades of pain.

A home where conversations for the beginnings of a monumental historical event occurred, it is sure to be snapped up quickly by negotiation Don’t miss out on your opportunity to invest in this masterpiece and carry forward the story of 11 Wyatt Street, Torrens

11 Wyatt streets, Torrens

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